An engaging experience for your fans and new revenue streams for your sports CLub.

HERO is designed to unleash the power of mobile devices to increase the revenue per fan of your professional sports club. 

We can create your club’s Official App in record time, for Android or Apple devices, with the latest technology for mobile app development. Now your fans can be more connected and engaged with your Club while we help grow revenue per fan on a platform designed to monetize from In-App transactions and virtual assets.


White label

Your fans, your App, your branding. Powered by HERO Network.

AD Manager

Manage your Display inventory and sponsorships.


Made for in-app sales of virtual assets and soon NFTs.

Tickets and store

Easy integration with your ecommerce and ticketing provider.

Fast, very fast.

A swift experience in a wide range of mobile devices.

SAAS Model

Low cost setup and commisions for In-App sales.

In 2020, Consumer spending in mobile apps reached record $111 B.*


We created 3 IN-APP tools to monetize your fanbase

In-App virtual Assets and collectibles Sales.

Unlock the full monetization power of your Club’s properties, creating valuable mobile virtual assets for your fans. From popular players and figures, emblems, epic plays clips and much more.  Soon we will be able to integrate and promote NFTs from the top marketplaces.

Deliver the ultimate match experience to your fans through virtual backstage, VIP chat and other engaging activities.

Digital memberships and Pre-paid card*

Make all your fans feel like part of the team, building loyalty through digital memberships, right in their mobile devices. 

Fans can enjoy tickets and discounted goods, exclusive content and prizes. *An Integrated prepaid credit card is available today for Brazil and soon in other territories.

Added-value services and Mobile Wallet

Easily buy tickets, merchandising or services and food inside the stadium. With an integrated mobile wallet, your fans have all their purchases, tickets and benefits gathered right in their hand, soon they will be able to transfer and exchange assets with other fans and will have NFTs integration.


An experienced and awarded team to design the future of fan engagement in sports.

In 2018 we started looking new ways to connect fans with professional Teams. Pursuing this idea took us from Latin America to Hong Kong, Spain and Germany, looking for key insights from mature markets and receiving invaluable feedback from fans, pro players and industry leaders that helped us to identify the problems and needs of teams and fans that are common in any sport discipline around the world. 

Today our team brings together talented professionals such as software engineers, artists, content creators and business partners in Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

And if you love esports, Never miss a victory again with HERO Esports.

eSports are revolutionizing the competitive scene, with huge audiences growing rapidly, esports is the gateway to a new generation of fans. Our Esports App delivers live coverage of more than 200 international competitors, find any live match, easily, enjoy a smart feed with everything that happens on the scene. 

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